Exercises that define and sculpt your chest help you look your best at the beach or the gym. They can also help you do a variety of daily tasks, like lifting or pushing objects. On top of all that, while you improve your look and strength, you lift your mood, too.
Here’s a look at some top exercises to build your strength and size while helping support your overall daily movement.

Barbell Bench Press

You can generate the most power with barbell lifts, so the standard barbell bench allows you to move the most weight. It’s also an easier lift to control than pressing with heavy dumbbells. The exercise is easy to spot and relatively easy to learn (if not master), There are plenty of bench-press programs you can follow to increase your strength.

Dumbbell Presses

One of the most effective chest exercises on this list are flat dumbbell bench presses and incline dumbbell presses, both which use the same movement as the flat bench press and incline bench press, except with dumbbells.
You can build an impressive chest just by using dumbbells alone, although once you reach a certain level of strength, it can be difficult to make strength progressions.

Machine Decline Press

Some machines, like Hammer Strength, allow you to move each arm independently, which is a great feature on chest day. Besides doing a machine decline press straight on, you can sit sideways on the apparatus and press across your body one arm at a time, which delivers a completely different feel than when you sit straight-on.

Dips For Chest

Dips are my favorite exercise for emphasizing the development of the lower chest. It’s important to note that I use the word “emphasize” here because like the other chest exercises on this list, dips work the entire chest, triceps, and front deltoids. But the specialty of dips is targeting the lower chest.

Pec-Deck Machine

Chest flyes are hard for many trainees to learn with dumbbells or cables because the arms need to be locked in a slightly bent position for the duration of the exercise. Luckily, the pec deck simplifies things because it allows you to work in only one pathway. So, this exercise is a great movement teacher, and you can go for a great pump without having to balance any weights.