College may be a great place to hang out for four years, but by no means does it guarantee you’ll earn a seven figure salary. Here are some non-graduates who are making seven figures plus, without owing a dime.

#1. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs may have attended college, but he never finished. After only attending one semester, he went on to work for Atari before eventually starting the multi-billion dollar empire that is Apple.

#2. Henry Ford

Not only did Henry Ford not go to college, he did not even finish high school! What could have been seen as a huge disadvantage did not seem to faze this innovative genius. Ford went on to become the founder of Ford Motors, invent the assembly line. It has been said that Henry Ford was one of the most influential and innovative individuals of the entire 20th century.

#3. Racheal Ray

Racheal Ray may be one of the most famous chef’s on television today, but you would never guess that she has had no formal culinary training. Ray never attended college or cooking school of any kind. How did she get her start? The chatty chef started her culinary career by teaching cooling classes at Cowen and Lobel.

#4. Mark Zuckerberg

Last but not least, this face is now a household name. He impacts your life everyday, and guess what? He may have attended Harvard, but he never graduated.

#5. Michael Dell

You may think that perhaps actors and entrepreneurs can make it without a college degree, but if you want to make it in a field like technology you have no choice but to earn your degree. Well someone forgot to tell Michael Dell CEO of Dell computers. Dell dropped out of college at the tender age of nineteen.

#6. Bill Gates

You probably can’t think of computers without the name Bill Gates coming to mind. This software genius and self-made multi-billionaire is just another example of how college isn’t for everyone.

#7. Walt Disney

This king of cartoons, is another super successful person who never received a high school diploma. In fact Disney despised high school so much that he wrote a letter to his high school principal outlining just how much he hated it. Disney’s lack of formal education did not stop the innovative creative from going on to realize his animation dreams.