9 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch Once In A Life!

Hollywood loves a good story, and what better story is there than a story about someone facing the struggles of trying to succeed in business? From scrappy underdogs trying to succeed against powerful, established competitors to simple explorations of the daily struggles faced by business, there are dozens of classic movies about the business of doing business. There are a number of important lessons any budding new entrepreneur can learn from Hollywood’s version of business as depicted in these movies.

Here are ten movies every entrepreneur should watch. Some are educational, some are cautionary, some are a bit of both, but all of them have important lessons for you:

#1. The Social Network

The Social Network

Entertaining, instructive, lessons for entrepreneurship but a little over dramatized. Film was a huge success as everyone wanted to see how Mark Zuckerberg, being a college dropout went on to launch the most widely used social networking platform.

#2. The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness

This is the story of a father and son, who can inspire any dead soul to start living again. Will Smith’s portrayal of Chris Gardner is so powerful that it can move anyone to tears. One major lesson that you will learn from this movie is that people will always tell you that something is wrong with your dream. Either it is unachievable or too superficial. But then you need to trust yourself and you are the one who knows you best, no one else does.

#3. Moneyball


The true story of how Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane disrupted baseball by using computer-generated analysis to recruit players and build a powerhouse team. His use of overall career statistics – rather than recent performance – to recruit players revolutionized baseball.

#4. The Godfather

9 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch Once In A Life

A family run business turned into biggest organized crime family in New York. No we are not asking you to get into illegal side of it, but then see the “motivation to be on top” side of this movie. This movie gives you an insight into how brains and little bit of common sense and make you achieve your goals.

#5. Scarface

9 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch Once In A Life

We’re no different than Tony Montana. He was a Cuban immigrant setting his eyes on the American dream and trying to build his own little empire, much like entrepreneurs who brave the world and start as complete strangers aspiring for success and glory. Whether you’re looking for Money, Respect, Power, or all of the three together, then Scarface is your must-watch movie, because asides from the drugs, crime and debauchery, there is a lot to learn from a Cuban building his business from the ground up in the US.

#6. Pirates of the Silicon Valley

9 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch Once In A Life

A documentary based film about Apple and Microsoft, two pirates who captured the silicon valley. The film is about their competition and how they faced them and with constant hard work and perseverance developed into giants that they are today.

#7. Jobs

9 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch Once In A Life

Watching Jobs can lead to 2 outcomes: you either realize what a useless life you’re living, or you get down to your parents’ basement to set up an office and get something going! The story of Steve Jobs and his journey from a hipster to the founder of the world’s most valuable company is one hell of a movie! Steve’s struggles after being kicked from his own company, or his rocky social life and his extreme ego-centrism are some traits that make the “flawless” Apple story much more realistic, and attainable. Every entrepreneur should watch Jobs at least once, because much of building a business is similar to what’s going on in the movie. Dealing with investors, board members, employees and imprinting one’s vision into the perfect product is not easy, so bracing yourself for those hard moments is a must.

#8. Joy

A woefully unappreciated and not widely known movie about how one women completely revolutionized the mop industry in the 1990s. This movie tells the story of Joy Mangano, whose invention of the Miracle Mop self-wringing mop turned her into a millionaire. Her story is an inspirational must-see movie for anyone who considers themselves a market disruptor.

#9. Wall Street

9 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch Once In A Life

A film depicting the dark side of insider trading, where in “Greed is good” takes over life of a stock broker. What happens when he is pushed to his limit and asked what can he do and what he cannot do? Something not only illegal but morally culpable.