With 426 meters height, this spectacular skyscraper of Manhattan called 432 Park Avenue is among the tallest buildings in the world and third tallest in Manhattan. Designed by Rafael Vinoly, the building has 96 floors and 104 luxury apartments with a view on Central Park and the Atlantic Ocean. But what captures you by surprise is the penthouse on top of it. If you’re dreaming of one of the world’s best pent houses and have $95 million in your bank account, you’d definitely love this piece of beauty.

Apartments in this building range between $17 M to $95 M depending on the floor you buy. Of course, the higher the floor, the pricier the apartment will be. For $95 M you could bath in pure serenity of sunshine as you watch sunset. However, monsoons might scare you!

Most of the apartments in this skyscraper are designed by Deborah Berke, and they have double-height ceilings as per American standards, mesmeric oak flooring, marble counter tops & huge square windows that provide an unparalleled view you only get to see in wallpapers.

Residential amenities in this skyscraper include wine cellar with temperature control, spa, several swimming pools, gyms, massage parlors and billiard halls along with private restaurants.

If this pics are not enough for you, have a look at video of this $95 million penthouse!