Who comes to your mind when we talk about a Bollywood actor who does only one film a year and gives his all? None other than Aamir Khan, right? Known for his perfection, Aamir surprised us all when he transformed tremendously for his recent movie Dangal. He reportedly gained 28 kg weight first to play old Mahavir Singh Phogat & then lost 22 kg to play the role of young Phogat.

Aamir with Amitabh Bachchan

This time, it’s not about body, but about face. With his new painful transformation, Aamir Khan has transformed into a mesmerizing thug pierced with permanent ear & nose piercing!

Nose piercing Aamir Khan

He also got a piercing on his right cartilage which is said to be the most painful of them all. Men would hardly know the pain of piercing, but this is something that stays with you a long time!

Aamir Ear Piercing

Reports say that piercing was so painful that Aamir Khan was not able to sleep on his right side for many days and even a slight touch on his piercing would make him scream with agony. Along with five piercings on his face, Aamir has also grown some curly hair that in all makes him look really fine!

Aamir Khan's look for Thugs of Hindostan

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