When we look at any military personnel we tend to get admired by their charisma, their body language and their Camouflage patterned Uniform. Well, it would take anyone years to get those first two attributes but the least someone can do is to emulate that esteemed Uniform’s pattern.

The basic definition of  Camouflage says “the disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings.”

From the word go, Camo creates a sense of curiosity because of its purpose of origin. The whole idea here was to reflect and create the same curiosity amongst everyone who puts their hands on our latest Camo collection. Camo has been a sign of Aggression & Stealth, but we wanted to reintroduce it to the world with our own take. The story of Camo Distractions tries to revive the authentic military look by reproducing washes, trims and fabrics, it aims to capture the true soul of People who Hustle; The Soldiers. Recreating a perfect military vibe with a modern twist, it offers a complementing blend of authentic military wear with contemporary styles.

Key Elements:

  • Ripped Details
  • Distorted Prints
  • Use of metallic trims
  • Long Hem lines

We planned to prepare the Camo for anyone and everyone. All the possible practical styles from T-shirts, Shirts, Vests, Joggers, etc. were brought into use in the most upbeat fashion. With the certain usage of ripped details, distorted patterns and long hems we gave the old contemporary Camo a brand new look.

Please find below a glimpse of the our Camo Distractions Range.