“Don’t trust a brilliant idea unless it survives a hangover.”

Alcohol is a magical liquid that helps you realize many things in life. Above everything else, it stays with you in good times as well as bad times! Despite there are many types of drinks around the world, alcohol has always been the favorite drink of hustlers for centuries. Though overdose of alcohol is injurious like other drinks, it is always good if you know how much you should consume it.

If you’ve ever had alcohol, you must have tried to know what it is made of. There are numerous types of alcohols i.e. distilled beverages around the world and most probably you don’t know about them. However, it would be interesting to know at least some most widely consumed alcoholic drinks so that you’d always be able to talk your part when debate takes place around alcohol! Here are 15 most popular types of distilled drinks loved by people around the world, and ingredients they’re made from!