diet plan of rock

Be it Fast and Furious, or Hercules; Dwayne Johnson, commonly known as The Rock, never fails to astonish us with his mind-blowing stunts and a perfectly shaped body.Believe it or not, he has a magnificent body that men envy and women love! He is a heart-throb of millions of people around the world! Dwayne Johnson first rose to fame as “The Rock”, a popular wrestling champion. Then he became a box-office star and appeared in many hit films including ‘Hercules’, ‘The Fast and The Furious’ and ‘The Scorpion King.

Usually it is said that as the person ages, his capacity to eat decreases, due to immune system becoming weak. However, in case of Rock, things are totally opposite and he has proved that for him anything is possible. He eats like a KING and once you get details of his diet, you’ll be shocked to no end.

eats 7 times a day

He eats 7 meals a day, out of which four contain eight ounces of cod. He explains that these many meals may seem a lot, but these are the specific portions of meal that a bodybuilder needs to boost him every day. Rock intake 4000 calories per day, According to him, it is not a big deal. He has carbs with every meal and always has a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in his diet.

Johnson eats roughly 1,000 calories worth of cod each day alone and spends around $1,400 a year on the fish, if he buys in bulk.

Check out his diet chart given below;

diet plan of the rock

In an interview, he said: ‘Ultimately, I failed to complete The Rock Challenge, but quite frankly it was fool’s errand from the jump.

‘I still wear size 30 jeans like I’m a sophomore in high school. Dwayne Johnson, on the other hand, weighs close to 300 pounds and has a body that burns fuel like a furnace.

‘Yet, for whatever reason (probably to make me puke on Internet TV), we didn’t compromise the diet a single calorie.

‘I walk away with a newfound respect for Johnson. He’s an athlete-turned-professional wrestling icon-turned box office draw, and, at 43 years old, still wakes up at 4 a.m. so he can mainline sweet potatoes and flip monster truck tires.

‘That sort of career path doesn’t happen unless you have something freakish driving you.’