Choreographer Ganesh Acharya needs no introduction, he has made many actors dance to his tunes. But now its not just about his dancing skills, the national award winning choreographer is breaking the Internet for shedding a whopping 85 kgs in 1.5 year. Nobody can believe that he at one point of time weighed 200 Kgs.

Losing weight isn’t a piece of was one and a half process of determination for Ganesh. He explains how he had to undergo a proper workout regime and regular gyming which led him to be the new slimmer version of himself. The actor recalls how gaining 30-40 Kg weight for movie Hey Brother. He had been planning of losing weight for a long time and when he did nothing could make him more happier. The internet is going gaga over his clearly visible workout efforts that is inspiring everyone going through a tough time losing kgs.

Gym in abudabi ?

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Ganesh, who won the National Award for Best Choreography for the song Maston Ka Jhund in the film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013), says that the motivation for his weight loss was to show people a different version of himself. “Karna hi tha (I had to do this)! Ek soch thi ki (I had this determination that) I just have to do this. Logon ne Ganesh Acharya ko mota hi dekha hai (people have only seen the fat Ganesh Acharya), that’s why I wanted to change the image. I have lost almost 85kg now,” he says.


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Glad to have accomplished this weight loss, Ganesh adds that he has already started to feel the difference. “I danced even when I had so much weight, but the difference between then and now is that the energy in my dance has doubled,” he says.

The choreographer wants to release a video of his weight loss journey to inspire the masses. On being asked about the difference he is feeling after shedding 85 Kgs so far, Acharya said,