The Joker is a fictional deadliest-villian from American comic book publisher DC Comics and the main antagonist in Christopher Nolan’s 2008 superhero film The Dark Knight. He was portrayed by late Australian actor Heath Ledger. Ledger’s interpretation of the character is specifically influenced by the graphic novels Batman: The Killing Joke and Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. In the film, he wears the character’s traditional color palette, while his facial appearance includes clown makeup that covers facial scars of a Glasgow smile.



Heath Ledger was born on the April 4 1979, in Perth, Western Australia, the son of Sally (Ramshaw), a teacher of French, and Kim Ledger, a mining engineer who also raced cars. As the story goes, in junior high school it was compulsory to take one of two electives, either cooking or drama. As Heath could not see himself in a cooking class he tried his hand at drama. Heath was talented, however the rest of the class did not acknowledge his talent. When he was seventeen he and a friend decided to pack up, leave school, take a car and rough it to Sydney. Heath believed Sydney to be the place where dreams were made or, at least, where actors could possibly get their big break. Upon arriving in Sydney with a purported sixty-nine cents to his name, Heath tried everything to get a break.

Incredible Dedication Of Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight

Heath locked himself in a motel room for 43 days. This allowed him to feel isolated and alone with his thoughts and perfect the crazed Joker we all saw on screen.

Heath Ledger had a natural habit of flicking his tongue, but he amped it up for the part of the Joker. It also helped with the way the Joker sounded, as the voice he does requires him to have a moist mouth.

JOKER facts

In the scene where Batman interrogates the joker, Heath asked Christian Bale to actually beat him as hard as possible to achieve a sense of realness in the scene.

Heath Ledger kept a Joker Diary. In it he wrote as the Joker and included a list of things he believed the Joker would find funny including blind babies, geniuses with brain damage, and sombreros

joker facts

The Joker’s white makeup was designed by Heath Ledger himself. He wanted to show the audience that The Joker did his own makeup

JOKER facts

The scars on the face of The Joker (The Dark Knight) is a wound called a Glasgow smile. It originated in Glasgow, Scotland but became popular with English street gangs. Actor Tommy Flanagan was given one when he was attacked outside a bar in Scotland.


Heath Ledger’s turn as Joker in The Dark Knight pushed him into a spiral of depression and drugs, that finally led to his death.

After that movie he used drug dose to control his Insanity that he had shown earlier in “THE DARK KNIGHT”. Also he avoided social interaction.


Many maintain that it was Ledger’s obsession with the character that eventually led to him overdosing on painkillers in 2008. The Australian actor died on January 22, 2008. He was 28.