It’s always amazing to see a larger than life Banner of any Brand. What we see is only 10% of what goes in making it happen. We have always had a good time working around the office to bring you your favourite Brand at your door step, but we actually had a blast during our Campaign Photoshoot.

What good is the fun when not shared with anyone else? Hence, we decided to bring you a sneak peek into what goes on when some mad genius people get their heads down to create some magic. We were fortunate enough to have the brilliant team from Vitamins on our side who conceptualized and executed the whole Campaign to perfection.

Let’s act serious guys, we’re being clicked! Lol

We had done our research and developed the best designs for you guys and all we needed now was someone to introduce us to you. This is when we brought in the Team Squadrann, led by Rannvijay Singha. We along with the Team Squadrann went all guns blazing in putting forward a spectacle show.

Rannvijay & Prince at their animated self while discussing their next shot.

Watch the fun and all behind the scenes here:

To make things easy, we roped in Ace Bollywood Photographer Mr. Jatin Kampani  to help us deliver the best for you. Having worked with all the Superstars of Bollywood, namely, Amitabh Bachhan, Shahrukh KHan, Dilip Kumar, to name a few, Mr. Kampani brought out the best from everyone. Well, he did deliver a home run with his very first shot!

Jatin Kampani

After hours of discussion, brain storming, fun and loads of pranks on each other, the Team gathered for some snacks and their endless chats. Well, it’s not that easy being a celebrity, or is it?

Well here’s our “Down to earth” team. We mean literally.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without the hardwork of each and every department from Team Hustle. We’re happy to bring to you our dreams and hope to inspire you somehow.

After a tiring day, what makes us happy is what we all created as a team. Watch the final outcome.