1.What’s your daily fitness routine?
What all workout/activities you do throughout the day to stay fit?

I wake up very early and go for a run followed by a healthy breakfast of milk, eggs and bananas. In the afternoon I head out to BKC and practice until late in the night.


2.What are the things you like to do in your free time? / What are your hobbies?
Things you like to do when you are not working.

I watch a lot of videos on Youtube, even those related to BMX. I also spend a lot of time on social media engaging with my fans.


3.Which quote do you refer to when you are feeling low?
That one quote which pulls you up when you are feeling down.



4.Who motivates you? Why?
That one person who always motivated you. It can be anybody not necessarily a famous person and also please tell us why.

My family, friends and all the great BMX riders across the world. I sometimes also get inspired by new people I meet.


5.What advice do you have for fellow Hustlers?
What advice would you like to give to your fans who look up to you or who have the same passion as yours?

Live life, work hard and stay strong. Good things take time.