1.What’s your daily fitness routine? What all workout/activities you do throughout the day to stay fit.

With the lifestyle I have hardly sleep or eat on time. But I make sure I do my 500 push-ups and squats whenever I am working all day or on the move. When I have a day off I usually hit the weight room and play a nice long game of basketball.

2.What are the things you like to do in your free time? / What are your hobbies? Things you like to do when you are not working.

I like to watch a lot of documentaries and shows. I practice my guitar or I just go on a bike ride. If I have a long holiday I would travel.

3.Which quote do you refer to when you are feeling low? That one quote which pulls you up when you are feeling down.

Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. So don’t turn back around. Don’t give up. My dad told me this when I was young

4.Who motivates you? Why?

My grandfather, my father and Rannvijay. These guys have taught me a lot in life. They have motivated me at every step. I look at their lives and learn so much, they have taught me no matter how tough life gets you can always find a solution

5.What advice do you have for fellow Hustlers and your fans who look up to you or who have the same passion as yours?

Dram big and chase it. Always remember who you are and where you came from. Remember yours roots and be kind to people around you. There are no shortcuts to hard work so grind everyday no matter how tough it is. Everything is worth it.