indian army

Tuesday, Indian Army attacked and destroyed Pakistani posts along their de-facto border as part of counter-insurgency operations to stop militants from crossing into India.

In a rare move, news agency ANI has also released a video showing Army’s retaliation against Pakistani posts.

Indian army’s chief spokesperson Major General Ashok Narula told journalists the aim of the military action was to “bring down the number of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir so that youths are not adversely influenced by terrorists from across.”

indian army

“Punitive army assaults are being undertaken along the LoC. The Pakistan Army posts aiding infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir are being targeted,” Narula said.

According to Indian Army, attempts of infiltration are likely to go up in the near future as snow has begun to melt and passes in the Valley have become more accessible.

Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit told- “There is nothing to brag about. It reinforces Pakistan’s contention that we need to resolve the issue peacefully. We are ready to talk with India. Why can’t the two countries have a comprehensive dialogue? Terrorism is also an issue with which Pakistan has strong concerns. Pakistan is not shying away from discussions. Kashmir is the root cause of all our problems,”