Jinder Mahal won WWE’s third-ever Punjabi Prison match Sunday night at Battleground to retain the WWE Championship over Randy Orton.

The big spoiler was that The Great Khali made his return to help Jinder Mahal retain the championship, possible setting up a match between himself and Orton at next month’s “SummerSlam.”

The game was not easy at all for Jinder Mahal who failed to walk through three of the inner cage’s four doors in the allotted 60-second increments.

The modern-day maharaja only made it through Door No. 4 after being helped out by the Singh brothers.

Randy Orton tried his best and used every inch of the steel-enforced bamboo to highlight his cruel intentions but couldn’t help himself much against everything.

The Punjabi Prison match was first created for former world champion The Great Khali, and although Khali didn’t take part in the first one due to injury, he and Batista faced off in the second at No Mercy 2007.