Ryusei “Ryuji” Imai — a 7-year-old Bruce Lee fan — has gained a sizable following on Facebook and Instagram with his slick training videos and martial arts moves. Imai — often dubbed the ‘mini-Bruce Lee’ — first became an international sensation when he managed to match Bruce Lee’s nunchuck skills move-by-move in 2015

According to Mashable, Imani started watching Bruce Lee movies when he was a one-year-old and began practicing Lee’s moves when he was four. He was at Lee’s speed when he was five and now is insanely ripped and constantly working on his martial arts skills as a seven-year-old.

His Instagram account options photographs and movies of him pulling off jaw-dropping athletic feats and loads of side-by-sides of him and his hero, Lee, solidifying that he really is a mini-Bruce.

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