Prabhas has, in short time, become one of the best known names in Tollywood. It was inspired by a famous actor Krishnam Raju. Prabhas first debut film “Eeshwar”. He’s early films, Eshvar and Raghavendra, did not farewell at the box office. But it was celebrity with MS Raju’s, Varsham, 2004.

Prabhas gained 20 kgs for Baahubali movie by eating too much of fat. The tall hunk who used to weigh 82 kgs earlier has trained rigorously for six months to get into the desired shape for the movie. It all began last summer when Prabhas visited the USA where he interacted with wrestlers of WWF to get a hang of their training regimen.

He was so attracted with the equipment and placed it in own home like his personal gym. Prabhas hired a Hyderabad based body builder to prepare him for the next film unlike other top heroes


Workout Routine

Prabhas works out for approximately six hours daily. Here are the key elements of his workout routine for his role in Baahubali:

  • In the morning he spends about one and a half hour for cardio.
  • His main focus is on muscles of the body which he maintains through various fitness techniques.
  • In evening he lifts weight for about one and a half hour to strengthen his body muscles.
  • He got inspired by wrestlers of WWF by their workout routine and training sessions.

Prabhas is leaving no stone unturned to get that beefed up look for his princely role in ‘Baahubali’ and the actors is reportedly consuming 40 eggs in breakfast, to put on weight much faster. Along with heavy-loaded works out for 6 hours a day, the actor is binging huge quantities of non-vegetarian food, to fit into the role of warrior king

Diet Plan

Prabhas has been on a very strict on diet regimen. Here are the key elements of his diet plan for Baahubali-

  • His breakfast includes 40 egg whites which is half boiled blended and added with protein powder every day.
  • He has a lot of restrictions in his diet and cannot eat whatever he wants to. He was on a zero carbohydrate diet for his role in his recent movie Baahubali.
  • Prabhas diet consists of nuts, fish, almonds, egg whites, and vegetables which he used to eat in his six meals.
  • His diet does not include rice.
  • He took his meals after every two hours.
  • The total calorie intake of Prabhas was between 2000 to 4000 calories a day.