rana deit and workout routine

Rana Daggubati is a popular actor from south Indian industry Tollywood . After the huge success of the movie Baahubali, he has worked really hard to make his name in the film industry and the hard work pays off.

He is very serious about his fitness and lets nothing come in between him and his goals. He has a remarkable self restrain and has shed a lot of sweat for his success. Rana Daggubati is all natural and is trained by a 25 yr old second place holder in Mr. India  Laxman.

Workout Routine

  • He goes to gym twice a day. He usually gets up early in the morning. He works out for at least half an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.
  • In morning workout he first starts with cardio then he does abs exercises followed by strength maintaining training exercises. He also does push up and lifts weight.
  • In evening, Rana again repeats his morning routine starting with cardio and building body by lifting weights. His main focus is on chests and triceps and he works very hard to balance both sides of the body.

Rana Daggubati’s Diet Plan

Breakfast: Rana’s breakfast contains heavy carbohydrates. He starts his breakfast with a big bowl of oatmeal with nuts. Then he takes five slices of brown bread and eight egg whites with vegetables. He also includes fruits in his breakfast usually he takes watermelon or papaya.

Snack1: At 11 am he takes protein shake and some fresh fruits. sometimes he adds light snack also.

Lunch: At lunch he prefers fish as he loves fish and intake lots of proteins with it along with greens.

Snack 2: In evening he takes four slices of brown bread and four bananas before starting his next workout session.

Dinner: At 9 pm he takes his dinner usually loaded with proteins so that the body can go for repair mode at night. He starts his dinner with rich protein salads.

– He does not smoke, drink alcohol, he is a big time non-vegetarian foodie person.