Bodybuilder Vince Brasco also known as the “Mini Hulk” of bodybuilding stands 4’1 tall. He lives in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and has a condition of dwarfism known as acondroplasia. This form is when the arms and legs are shorter than an average height person but the torso is the same size.

In an interview with, Brasco says he got into the sport to avoid the weight problems that so often afflict people with dwarfism. “I wanted to be a role model to everyone who has dwarfism. If you have a  dream, go for it and never give up. Always believe in yourself,” he said.

Vince was inspired to complete in bodybuilding through many professional athletes he follows on social media. He cites fellow body manufacturer Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Kai Greene as his role models.

During his first contest preparation he was struggling with his diet and realized he needed to get a coach. Vince met a man named Tad Inoue who ended up being his new diet coach.

With more than 35,000 followers on the photo-sharing platform – where he goes by the name of “mini hulk”

In addition to bodybuilding, he is the world’s shortest fire fighter and has volunteered at his local fire sation in Pennsylvania for the last four years, where he is responsible for manning the water pipes amidst structural fires.